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The gentle ocean rolled into the land and the tropical forested mountains emerged in the mist. Waves crested and cascaded into serene sheets along the shore. At that moment, everything fell into place. The seed of an idea was planted on an island...

The architect pulled out her notebook and put pen to paper. Just a few sketches and a vision. With an architecture and interiors firm excelling in coastal vernaculars and versed in the most celebrated and iconic communities worldwide, we drew inspiration from the range of traditions of the West Indies. Essential British, French, Spanish and Dutch colonial details became our guidebook to detail. When the design of over 400 units for a boutique hotel was complete, the need for furnishings quickly became principal. Inspired by tropical modern, drawn to natural materials, amorphous shapes and smoothed edges, sketches grew into the first primitive pieces we would produce. All sustainably sourced, shaped by hand and signed by the craftsmen. Over 4,000 pieces later with passion and perseverance, we had the grit to grow the brand beyond the barrier reef.


With our toes in the sand and the ocean at our heels we took root in the Caribbean. The salt in the air clung to our clothes, the sun rays warmed our bones, the wind blew a blissful tone. Simply put, we found our home.