It all starts from the earth

Sourced from one of the largest sustainable forests in the Caribbean, we shape our pieces with the highest regard for the environment.

Labor of love

We seek partnerships where communities have sustained themselves over time and are dedicated to the care-taking of land and resources.

We take pride in our relationships with our builders and our constant dedication to fair trade practices.

The foundation of our furniture is heritage. Every piece has a story - a unique thumbprint forged by the hands of a calloused woodworking culture.

An intimate sensory experience

Shaped in a coastal world that yields exceptional materials and bears exquisite histories. Each piece is sanded smooth to a polished sheen or silvered with patina and salt air.

Modernist roots & minimal aesthetics

We create original pieces that transcend trends, surprise in the purposeful, sophisticated dichotomy of modern shapes and ancient methods. It is through this process that we are able to obtain soulful, striking silhouettes.

We know the carvers, the makers, the partners and their patrons. We adore their handiwork, their traditions, their textures- and chiefly, their mutual adoration for the Sublime and the Original.