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Article: Sabine Maes: Creative Explosion

Sabine Maes: Creative Explosion

Sabine Maes: Creative Explosion

Sabine, we’ve met a few years ago at High Point Market and I still get excited every time we get to cross paths. You’re fun, joyous and youthful, but most importantly an intriguing painter. How did you get started down this path of painting?

Thank you so much! 18 years ago, I got a divorce. I needed to express myself and cure myself , so I found the time during the weekends to start painting. Basically to make something for myself. I started on a Sunday and I never stopped. My creativity exploded.


A lot of your pieces are very minimalistic and subtle, but if you lean in a little closer you’ll notice the attention to detail and depth to each piece. Can you describe your process a little bit?

Each painting is built with a lot of different layers. By painting layer after layer I generate a balanced and a unflustered composition. I work also in 3D. I use a lot of materials mixed with paint to obtain unique structures. I also craft my own brushes using a wide range of dried tropical leaves, branches and rope.

What’s your intent for each painting?

Spirituality or reality, a fantasy world and my freedom 


Would you say that your environment has an influence on your work?

I am mostly inspired by nature, with all its different whims, colours and surfaces.

How often are you in your Belgium studio?

When I am in the country I paint five days a week. Day six is for my clients to come and visit me or I visit them. Day seven is for reinventing myself!


What do you do when you’ve hit the wall? When all creativity stops and you need to find inspiration?

When I get stuck with a painting, I burn it... it is a ritual. And I take a day off to hike or go in nature with my wingman Bob.


As you grow are there other areas in your work that you’d like to explore?

Oooh yes. I think I will be dead before I can explore everything I wanted too. We are busy with a new project. It is also art, wall art, but totally different. We work with natural materials like sheepskin, horsehair, cotton and so many different materials.


What’s your approach to the blank canvas? Do you have an idea before you start working or does it just flow from the subconscious?

For me, the most important thing when I paint is that I am in balance. Sometimes I work on an assignment and with that you have to do what your client asked you to, but most of the time you can do whatever comes up from your heart.

Do you have anything new in the works?

Yes, we do!! Wall art, very special and exclusive. 


What’s next for you, Sabine?

I am building a new showroom. I am very exited about that. And I hope we can all meet again in High Point very soon.

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